Welcome to the new BBP website (beta)!

I’d like to personally welcome you to our brand-spanking new Beyond Bullet Points website (beta)!

If you’re new to BBP, we’ve aimed to make this site a place where you can learn the basics of the approach and to have a way to learn more if you’re interested.

If you’re one of the charter members of the BBP community, the site looks completely different, but you still have access to all of the features you did before, plus many more on the way soon. (To access the site, go to My Learning Spaceon the top navigation and use your existing user name and password.)

For those interested in learning BBP in an intensive in-person format, visit our new BBP Live Courses page to learn more. Or, if you prefer to learn in an online format, visit our new BBP Online Courses page to find out about our exciting new course we’re currently developing – we expect to have the  BBP 101 course live next month.

As you tour the site, we’d love to know what you think, especially if you happen to find anything that we missed. Please let us know your thoughts by clicking on the link in the top yellow bar on the website, or by using this link

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your visit to the new BBP.com!

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3 Responses to “Welcome to the new BBP website (beta)!”

  1. Ravi Moosad says:

    I am here for the first time and your site design is great (though I dont know how it looked before). I have bookmarked it and I hope it will be useful for me.

  2. Greg Hildebrand says:

    I want to use the BBP method for a training course that I am developing on Lean Manufacturing. The course will be 1-2 days in length. Some of that will be hands-on activities, but there is still way more material to cover than I can put into three topics, three levels deep. How do I modify the format to cover that much material?


  3. September 30, 2010?

    What an I missing here?

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