Using BBP Templates & Tools to Create Your Presentation:

How to Use BBP Templates to Create Your Presentations Faster
Craft Your Story Faster with the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad

Choosing your Story Arc:

The Power of Three: How to Find the Simple Structure in Your Story
Apply the Power of Metaphor to Your Stories
Simplify your story, simplify your visuals
Selecting a Metaphor for Your Storyboard

Creating and Finding Your Graphics:

How to Move Beyond Stock Photography
How to Add Simple Images to Make an Emotional Impact
How to Make Your Story Graphics Big & Chunky

Technical & Data-Driven Presentations:

How to Create a Data-Driven Presentation Using BBP
How to Turn Data Into Stories

Advanced Skills – Taking a Presentation from Good to Great:

Speaking from Presence: How to Let Go of Notes and

Speaking from Presence: How to Let Go of Notes and
Fine-tuning Your Story Template
What do BBP and the Avatar movie have in common?

Helping Others With BBP:

How to Help Others Move Beyond Bullet Points
How to Transform an Entire Company Beyond Bullet Points

BBP for Educators and Trainers:

How Management Consultants Can Reinvent PowerPoint
Creating a Training Presentation with BBP
Taking a Training Presentation to the Next Level
Designing the First Hour of a 2-Day Training with BBP
Creating a Research Presentation with BBP
Creating a Multiple-Day Training Presentation
Fine-tuning the Top-Level Framework for a Course
Creating an Educational Presentation on Gang Violence

BBP for Marketers:

Using a Classic Structure for a Marketing Presentation
How to Use BBP for Fun and Profit
Using Social Media to Market Webinars and Excite Audiences

Persuasive Presentations – (Sales, Investor, Project):

Guiding Your Audience through Decision-Making
Consulting with BBP in a Corporate Context
Consulting with BBP in a Corporate Context – Part 2
Creating a Hybrid Educational/Sales Presentation
Proposing Budget Cuts to a Board

Other Topics:

Creating a Video from a BBP Presentation
“The Backchannel 101” Workshop
The Backchannel: A Presenter’s Nightmare or a Dream Come True?
Top Tools for Engaging the Backchannel