How to Turn Thoughts into Sketches, with Dave Gray

One of the fundamental communication skills everyone needs to have is the ability to turn thoughts into sketches. But where do you go to learn how to do that?

Look no further than the video of this webinar recorded at BBP Online on Sept. 26, 2008, where my friend and visual thinking expert Dave Gray of xPlane shows you the visual fundamentals you need to know to start illustrating your ideas.

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2 Responses to “How to Turn Thoughts into Sketches, with Dave Gray”

  1. Benson Blakeley says:

    Thanks it was good.
    – Was simple enough to understand
    – Done it such away that you could retain the data
    – Gave sufficient tools so one could do it themselves
    – Gave a sense that what was presented would be
    worth doing.

  2. Very good presentation. Has me thinking about visual alternatives (again).

    Question: How do you visualize abstract thoughts like “honesty” or “philanthropic” or “deceitful?”

    I look forward to more of these.

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