Using BBP to Pitch Your Idea to Investors

When you need to pitch your business idea to investors (or persuade any audience to act or think differently), it’s essential that you structure your presentation in a way that captures their attention, clarifies the benefits to them, and enhances your own credibility.

In this video of a workshop with BBP subscriber Nathan recorded on June 5, 2009, we handily accomplished all three of these objectives, and then some.

Watch this 1-hour video and you’ll learn how to:

  • Structure your first five slides completely from your audience’s point of view
  • Express the benefits to the audience in your 3 key points
  • Back up your key points with a clear explanation
  • Storyboard your first five slides using a single graphic
  • Get more visually creative with your own slides with this inspiring example

To launch the video in a new browser, click this link.

(Workshop materials can be downloaded within the workshop recording under the File Share module.)

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