Using a Classic Structure for a Marketing Presentation

When you’re pressed for time, you can always tap into the power of the classics.

That’s what Halisi did when she was preparing for a quick turnaround presentation for a group of small business owners.

In a 1-hour presentation coming up in a few days, Halisis wanted to educate them about how to put an effective marketing plan into action.

Watch the recording of this weekly workshop recorded on May 21, 2010, and you’ll see how we applied a classic story template structure to engage and involve her audience.

In this 1-hour video you’ll learn how to:

– Start your presentation with an anecdote and weave it throughout the entire presentation
– Get your audience to tell you what they’d like you to cover, instead of you telling them
– Explain a method, get your audience to apply it, and reinforce the message

>>>To launch the recording of this workshop, click this link.

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