How to Transcribe Your Narration for Your Notes Pages

Presentations support your narration, so they can’t always tell the story without you. Even a superb Beyond Bullet Points presentation needs you.

But when you can’t be there in person, you may want or need to transcribe your narration of a presentation into a script or add it to the notes pages for a number of reasons:

  • Others will teach the class or use the presentation.
  • To post the presentation online so others can benefit.
  • To send the presentation to those who missed it.
  • To archive your presentation for later use.
  • To provide accessibility such as people who are hearing-impaired.

Here are a few transcribing options available to capture the text version of your spoken words:

Voice recognition software (aside from Windows Speech Recognition, which comes with Vista) has the advantage of a one-time only fee. However, it won’t be 100% accurate and requires editing. The editing involved depends on your speech. People with accents will likely see more errors. Most tend to come with a free trial, so you can see how well it works before buying the software.

Transcription services tend to have more accuracy, but require paying a fee every time you use the service. The fee depends on the service – a typical 45-minute BBP presentation might run around $45. Some services accept uploaded digital file, so you could capture your narration while giving the presentation or do it in a quiet room. If you conduct a presentation through a webinar, you should easily get a file that you can send to a transcription service.

A virtual assistant offers various services, which could include transcribing your notes. The assistant could also take care of recording your presentation so you can focus on your presentation instead of worrying about the recording in addition to your presentation.

Post the project on a bidding site like may help you find someone you can use every time. These sites get mixed reviews, but many have success stories.

Have you used a similar service? For what purpose and what was your experience?

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5 Responses to “How to Transcribe Your Narration for Your Notes Pages”

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  2. Warwick says:

    Good idea Meryl.
    As a speaker and trainer, I often like to transcribe my speeches or trainings. Firstly, it’s a reality check for my longer trainings. Keeping a 15 minute lecture tight and interesting is no problem, but when doing a 2 or 3 day program there are moments when things tend to ramble (after lunch third day!).

    By reading a transcript you can quickly see where the weaker places are and think about ways to tighten them up.

    I use which is perfect for this kind of service.


  3. Meryl Evans says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience and another reason why transcribing comes in handy for presentations.

  4. alex george says:

    I’ve been transcribing for close to 8 years for doctors. About a year ago, my company started transcribing earnings calls for Wall Street firms. It’s amazing how much you learn about your dictation and/or presentation when you review your transcript. It definitely helps you tidy up the weaker areas in your communication.



  5. Thank you for the list. its really hard to find information like this on the web without extensive searching, so thank you 🙂

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