Top Tools for Engaging the Backchannel

Audiences are transforming their relationships with speakers by using new technologies to communicate with one another during live presentations.

Watch this video recorded Jan. 5, 2010 with special guest Timo Elliott as we explore the “must have” tools you need to know to fully understand and engage the backchannel, including:

* How and why audiences are increasingly using Twitter as a backchannel, and its pros and cons
* Other tools you and your audiences can use to create backchannels
* Innovative new tools you can use to proactively engage the backchannel, including Timo’s new PowerPoint Twitter Tools

Twitter: #backchannelbook @cliffatkinson @timoelliott

>>>To launch the recording of this workshop, click this link.

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One Response to “Top Tools for Engaging the Backchannel”

  1. Ken Burns says:

    One more tool for the backchannel, if I may: tweet from within the event app…we started using the tweet wall for our clients, and found two small inconvenience: the event hashtag was misspelled quite a bit, and the twitter ID was the other “master data” issue for our wall.

    How to make it super-easy for participants to tweet during an event, and connect with the speaker and others? And do that without skimping on quality – because these entries all need to use the same event hashtag, and have the precise Twitter ID? We built the tool in our mobile event app – see our blog entry:
    Hope this is helpful.

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