The Meta Story Template

How scalable is your story structure?

The free Beyond Bullet Points story template is designed to easily scale a presentation to 5, 15, or 45 minutes without losing the integrity of your story. With a few clicks of the mouse you can use the same PowerPoint file to guide you through a brief elevator pitch or an extended keynote address.

But BBP reader Laura surprised me when she was able to use the story template to scale her a story up to 3 years.Metastory_1

As she describes in her initial post in this discussion thread, Laura is a technical training coordinator for an organization where she’s developing a 3-year curriculum that she’s launching in June.  She is planning 20+ existing courses and an additional 20+ new courses.

I suggested to Laura that she try the story template to structure the entire curriculum, creating a "meta-story" that frames the whole program. If a curriculum has overarching goals, why not map those back to a master story that is clear to everyone involved?

Laura took me up on the challenge and ended up creating an amazing story through the course of our new discussion thread. The result was a single document she could tape to the wall that shows the singular story the organization wants to accomplish through its training program. (All the documents are included in the post.)  Actually I was so thrilled with what Laura had done that I printed out the story template and taped it to my own wall, pictured above.

What Laura accomplished with her meta-story could also be applied to any curriculum development process, to conference planning or even strategy development. 

The engine that drives the structure is a classical logic tree that you know in the form of organizational charts. But the true power of this tool emerges when you fill the template with your clear thinking like Laura did, and make your focused ideas visible for everyone to see.

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