The First 5 Slides: Join me for a free webcast

Join me at 9am Pacific Time on Feb. 20 for a free webcast sponsored by Microsoft Office, and you’ll learn how to dramatically increase the impact of your presentations in the first five slides using the BBP approach.  From the webast description:

Most people would agree that you have to capture an audience’s attention in the first moments of delivery, or else you have already lost them. 5slides_4Yet when it comes to Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations, the first slides usually have titles like, “Overview,” “Our Company,” “Our Services,” etc. Attend this webcast to learn tips and tricks for starting strong with PowerPoint every time by using the Beyond Bullet Points approach. Discover how you can use classical story elements to create dramatic suspense and to ensure that the beginning of your story sets the stage for an engaging presentation to come.

I hope you can join me!  You can register here (free registration with Microsoft Events is required).

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  2. BBP Webcast

    Cliff Atkinson of Beyond Bullet Points is delivering a free webcast sponsored by Microsoft on February 20th – The First Five Slides. The presentation will focus on how to grab em in the first part of your presentation.

  3. Hello,

    I am glad that Microsoft is finally taking the responsibility of teaching people how to use PowerPoint. Unfortunately, like all Microsoft products, PowerPoint is very easy to use, adn people think that they have to use all the features. This only ends up boreing the audience and losing hte message.

    Full points to the Beyond Bullet Points program.

    I look forward to the benefits reaching the presentation and public speaking world!

  4. Dirk Kittredge says:

    I watched the First Five Slides webnar. Great presentation and provided clarity to how the initial setup slides are formulated. Thanks Cliff, your concept and implementation is really something!

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