The BBP Basics – Writing Act II

If you’re new to BBP or just looking for a refresher, watch the video of this workshop recorded on Sept. 5, 2008 as we walk through the steps of writing Act II of the BBP story template. Act II distills complex information to its essence, and organizes it in a way that makes it easy for your audience to digest. In this workshop, we start off with a review of the Act II process, then we dive right in to two member examples:

  • An investor presentation designed to raise capital for a medical device company.
  • A business development presentation designed to educate and persuade an audience to purchase consulting services.

>>>To launch the recording of this workshop, click this link.

Video Timeline (Total Time 1:04:28)
Time  Activity  Detail 
0:00:00  Introduction 

00:01:00 Overview Act I and First Five Slides – review from Basics Video #1
00:03:33 Act II Starting with Key Point ideas – Background of Act II
Top Level Points –
Explanations – Details
Constraint of new information a person can obtain in a
limited amount of time
00:07:00 Logic Tree Structure of Act II – Structuring logical arguments pioneered by
Barbara Minto – Hierarchy of information – Story, Reasoning, Evidence
00:09:15 Review of books that discuss brain science and how the mind structures
00:10:45 Act II is a pre-structuring of information to be held in the mind in a
hierarchical way – critical thinking process
00:14:00 Act II similar to an organizational chart, structuring information like an
executive function
00:18:00 Taking each headline of Act II and create visually prominent slides,
overview of Act II basics
00:20:00 Different ways to use the Act II Template, left to right, or right to
00:22:05 Example #1 Jim’s presentation – Medical device company trying to raise money for three
technologies to treat cancer
00:25:00 Act I Shape presentation around the investors instead of about the technology –
starting to fill out Act I
00:31:00 Act II Jumping into Act II – working on three key points with Jim
00:35:30 Explanation and detail of 1st key point – “Our devices are solid and
00:41:35 Flushing out 2nd and 3rd key points with Jim
00:44:45 Review with Jim and suggestions for moving forward with the presentation,
reviewing the goal
00:48:40 Example #2 Dave’s sales and educational presentation, professional service firm to
large advertising companies
00:52:10 Act I Production consultants, is using one a good fit for you?  Filling out
Act I with Dave
00:54:25 Act II Starting Act II with Dave
00:58:00 Review of quick work flow with Dave to fill out Act II, and fine tuning key
1:03:40 Wrap Up Using Act II to start to build solid story structures
1:04:28 End
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