The Backchannel: A Presenter’s Nightmare or a Dream Come True?

Ready or not, the backchannel has arrived! Armed with laptops and smartphones, audiences are no longer sitting quietly while speakers are talking — instead they’re using Twitter and other tools to create a backchannel where they chat with one another, make comments about your presentation and broadcast their thoughts to people all over the world.

If audiences are happy, the backchannel can spread your ideas far and wide, create buzz about your ideas and keep a conversation going long after you left the podium. But if audiences are unhappy, the backchannel can criticize your ideas and delivery, disrupt your talk and even derail your presentation completely.

Watch the video of this 1-hour webinar hosted by SlideRocket¬†, the online presentation company, recorded on Tuesday Jan. 19th.¬† Titled, “The Backchannel: A Presenter’s Nightmare or a Dream Come True?” the webinar explored the double-edged nature of the backchannel during live presentations.

>>>To launch the recording of this webinar, click this link , and fill out the “Recording Registration” information to launch the video on demand.

>>>To view the SlideRocket presentation (slides only), click here.

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