Sprechen Sie PowerPoint?

Erzahlen_1I got word today that Beyond Bullet Points is now being translated into German, and will be released in Germany in October 2005. 

Here’s the mockup of the book cover, titled Erzählen statt Aufzählen: Neue Wege zur Erfolgreichen PowerPoint-Präsentation.

As they say in Germany, that’s wunderbar!

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7 Responses to “Sprechen Sie PowerPoint?”

  1. Gerold Braun says:

    The Blog-Software i use does not support trackbacking. So i will try it manually:

    I’m looking forward to October.

  2. JC Brunner says:

    Congrats, although I was a bit disappointed by your book. Given your excellent weblog, I expected perhaps too much, a book in the range of Minto pyramid or Say it with charts.

    The title is decidedly underwhelming: Narrate don’t enumerate. You’d better make them brainstorm a little longer.

    Aufzählen means creating numbered lists which is IMHO not one of the common failures of PPT presenters (it already provides a sort of structure). Auflisten (well, listing in general) is probably too boring … What about Geschichten statt Powerpointitis (-itis as a sickness marker)?

  3. Gerold Braun says:

    @JC – “Erzählen statt aufzählen” is a perfect title for a book on business-presentation. Every german-native-speaker gets the point immediately.

  4. Stephane says:

    What about a french version?

  5. Nicole Simon says:

    “Tell stories instead of using bulletpoints” is also understandable by english speakers.

    He does get the text but not from the content of what beyond bullet points means.

    As usually German translations are not good, I suppose one still should endorse the English version – but I would gladly review the translation. 😉

  6. cliff says:

    Danke! I’ve forwarded your comments to the German translators. I’ll let them know that there’s some interest in a French version too….

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