Share Your Presentations Online

Looking for ways to share your presentations with colleagues, friends or the world at large?

There are many online presentation services that have popping up lately that may just fit the bill.

Most of these services allow you to import PowerPoint (.ppt), OpenOffice (.odf), and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. They also provide code to let you embed presentations into your blog, web site, or elsewhere.

Here are Web sites that import PowerPoint presentations for online sharing:

authorSTREAM: Supports limited transitions and animations. Offers authorPOINT Lite for uploading bigger files. Max file size is 1GB.

MyPlick: Upload slides and sync with audio. Doesn’t support animations or audio files embedded in the presentation. Max file size is 50MB per presentation.

Scribd: Allows sharing of presentations and other types of documents.

SlideBoom: From the people behind iSpring (formerly known as FlashSpring), an application that converts PowerPoint into Flash. Offers free plug-ins that work with WordPress blogs and iSpring Free, a PowerPoint add-in that lets you upload larger presentations. Max file size is 30MB, but using iSpring Free will allow you to upload bigger files.

Slideburner: Max file size is 20MB. 200MB storage capacity for a free account.

SlideShare: Includes privacy options. Transcripts — when available — appear below the slide. The transcript provides the text for each slide and notes which slide the text goes with. Can sync presentations with audio (Slidecasting). Max file size is 30MB.

Which services do you use to share your BBP presentations?  How are you finding them useful, or not?

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One Response to “Share Your Presentations Online”

  1. Tim Childers says:

    Meryl, Of the selections above, the only one I have used is Slideshare. I think it is a terrific site that is easy to use and embed. The only drawback it has for me professionally is that it is blocked by the state filters for educational use in TN because it is labeled as “social networking.”

    I am now trying out SlideRocket ( while it is in beta. I have to say that it is going to be terrific!

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