Seminar recording now online

If you’d like to take a look at the online recording of my May 10Filmstrip  web seminar "Transform Your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points", you can view the Windows Media file recording here.  The presentation is an overview of the basics of the BBP approach. The recording quality of the graphics isn’t the best, but there’s enough there to get a visual idea. Enjoy!

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  1. ophelia says:

    i read the article in LAT, and it gave me the ammunition to convince my clients on the zen of the PPT.
    they had given me 26 pages of single space text.
    i looked at it and winced. i now have them on the
    right path.
    a long text driven PPT is like hitting someone over
    the head with a mallet, it puts them in a coma.
    i prefer the inspirational emotion evoking and
    concise PPT.
    thanks for the wonderful site.

  2. I can’t get the video grack of your presentation to play — I’ve tried Flip4Mac, Windows Media Player and VLC.

    Can you but it up in another format/with another codec? QuickTime or DiVX would be good.

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  4. Paul says:

    I have to also chime in and say that I cannot get your presentation to play. It must be a non-standard WMA format…because none of the programs I have that play WMA files will display it. All the other WMA files I have tried today have worked without a problem. Can you repost it in another form?

  5. Couldn’t agree with the thrust of the recording more!

    I found the way of constructing story boards and so on a little restrictive compared to the ways I teach (I use huge sheets of paper, flowcharts and then index cards) but the thing we’re aiming at is the same.

    Given all this, isn’t it odd that the default type of slide for PowerPoint is as it is?


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  7. Robin Capper says:

    Very useful advice, thanks for sharing

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