Here are some of the resources you might need to go along with the BBP book and your version of software.

To download the materials, right click on any of the files below, select “Save target as,” and then save the attachment to your computer.

Book resources:

BBP Tool Kit – Third Edition (zip file)

BBP Sample Chapters – Third Edition (zip file)

BBP Tool Kit for PowerPoint 2007 – Second Edition (zip file)
Includes: BBP Story Template, Story Template 2007, 4 Column Story Template, 2007 Storyboard Formatter (Advanced and Basic), Storyboard Formatter for MindManager, Storyboard Sketchpad, Story Template Post-its

BBP Book Bonus Content – Second Edition (zip file)
Includes: Appendix A – D, and Chapter 11

BBP 2003 Tool Kit (zip file)

Single item downloads:

BBP Story Template Word 2007 (zip file)

BBP Story Template PDF

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BBP Story Template Word 2007 4 Columns

BBP Storyboard Sketchpad

BBP Storyboard Formatter 2010 (zip file)

“The Hurdle” BBP Storyboard Formatter

Mac downloads:

BBP Kit for PowerPoint for Mac – 2nd Edition (zip file)
Includes: BBP Story Template, Storyboard Formatter for MindManager, Storyboard Sketchpad

Other tools:

Write Your Story Faster With A Quick Start BBP Story Template (2007) (zip file)
Includes: Templates that have already been started for you! When you open each Word document, you’ll find that the Act I, Key Point and Explanation cells are already filled in. If the here you play legal pokies online New Zealand no deposit story structure is a match for what you’re looking for, just start editing and adding your own information, and you’ll be well on your way to finishing your story faster and easier.
Or, download Quick Start BBP Story Templates (2003) (zip file)

Special for BBP readers – Download 10 free licensed graphics at:

Third-Party Tools: BBP Toolbox
Please note: BBP Toolbox is a third-party tool – for customer service, contact them through their website.