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Do you create presentations for a living?  Are you interested in finding out more about the profession, and how you relate to it?Infocomm_1   The Presentations Council is one of the most active groups within InfoComm, a trade association for the A/V industry. The have been connecting those within the presentations industry with their collaborative blog, Visual Being, and now they are taking a big step to begin to quantify and analyze the industry as a whole.  Below is a writeup that describes the survey – as a bonus, it looks like they’re giving away five Amazon gift certificates in a drawing:


How Do You Compare with Your Peers…

• What types of organizations do Presentation Professionals work in?

• What areas of expertise and background do Presentation Professionals have?

• Do you outsource your content development/delivery/overall communication strategy/technology/visual/graphic development, or do you do it in-house?  How often does your organization contract with outside production firms for presentation development?

• What types of challenges do Presentation Professionals experience today, and how concerned are they about these challenges?

Find out by participating in InfoComm International’s Presentations Professional Survey.  This online survey should only take you about 10 minutes to complete.

To thank you for your participation, you will receive the results of this survey by e-mail, once compiled. You will also get three Microsoft PowerPoint or one Corel Presentations master, or one Apple Keynote, all free of charge. In addition, you will have a chance to win one of five $50 Amazon gift certificates.

To be sure your responses are included; please complete this survey by April 28, 2006.

This survey is completely confidential and anonymous. All data will be consolidated with other participants and will not be available to anyone as individual responses.


To participate, please copy and paste this address into your browser:


Thank you in advance for your participation.

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2 Responses to “Presentation professional? Take a survey!”

  1. Hi – tried to take the survey but found it had been de-activated. Shame.

    I guess the results will be out pretty soon?


  2. Jordan Foster says:

    Is there an article or something that I can find to help me grab the “bullet points” of this book, so I don’t have to read the whole thing? Thank you soooo much!

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