Podcast: How to Tell a Story with PowerPoint

Interested in learning how to tell a story with PowerPoint? 

Recently I was interviewed on the topic by Joey Asher, president of Speechworks, a communications coaching firm based in Atlanta. Joey and his team provide workshops and private coaching to organizations and individuals – their client list includes Coca Cola, The Home Depot and many other Fortune 500 companies. 

To listen to the podcast, or download it to your iPod, click here.

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One Response to “Podcast: How to Tell a Story with PowerPoint”

  1. Terry Gault says:


    Thanks for the pod-cast on telling a story through powerpoint.

    The power of the story cannot be overrated; simply put we are social beings and a well-crafted story helps the listeners to intimately relate with the storyteller. This is why the best authors – even if they are scoundrels or are centuries old- still have universal power.

    Using power-point to tell a story instead of using it as a text dump is a much more effective way to present.

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