Miss my May 12 web seminar? Watch it now!

In case you weren’t able to attend my May 12 web seminar “Transform Your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points,” a free recording is now available for viewing online here (link has expired), courtesy of Microsoft Office LiveMeeting.

LivemeetingSome of the photo quality was lost in translation, and some slides look different because of the black background of the media player, but overall it captures the flavor of the live event.

Thanks to those of you who were able to make it – I know I had a great time and I hope you did too. Hopefully this is only the beginning of more seminars like this.

For those who had questions about the material I covered in the seminar, I’ve answered the questions you posted on the seminar discussion area here, and I’ll add the rest of the questions that were asked during the seminar this weekend. Feel free to post more questions in the discussion board if you have any – I hope this is just the beginning of our discussion.

Quite a few people asked for a copy of my presentation materials. You’re welcome to view and download my story template and storyboard that I used to prepare the presentation – I described the process of creating them and posted the files on the discussion board here. Next week I’ll send out a special PDF version of the presentation to those who requested one.

Thanks again for joining me yesterday if you were able to, and if not, I hope you enjoy the recording!

P.S.  By the way, an interesting tidbit about the power of a web seminar – before I gave the talk, my book was ranked #3,100 at Amazon, and after the seminar it jumped up to #210.  Thank you!

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11 Responses to “Miss my May 12 web seminar? Watch it now!”

  1. Mike says:


    I’m glad you have a recorded version; I was on a plane during the live seminar and had my fingers crossed that an archived version would be made available!

  2. cliff says:

    Hope you enjoy it, Mike!

  3. Cliff,

    I have purchased your book and attended the seminar. I think both are great. Thank you!

  4. cliff says:

    Thanks Linda!

  5. Tracy says:

    Cliff, I organized a lunch & learn to watch your seminar last week. I told everyone that I had seen you present many times and how much they would learn from this. It’s hard to get our employees motivated about training lately but the lunch & learn was quite a hit. I had a drawing at the end for a copy of your book and now am getting requests for additional copies. Word got around about the seminar and those who didn’t attend regretted it so I sent a link out this morning to the recording. Congratulations and thanks!

  6. cliff says:

    That’s great to hear, Tracy! I could imagine that people who work in a creative agency like BBDO would naturally connect with the storyboarding concept. Keep us posted on whether BBP starts to influence your presentations!

  7. Kathleen says:


    My company has a client-appreciation event happening next week, and my boss asked me to look over her slides for our department’s part of the presentation. I was feeling feisty last night, so I revamped the whole thing using the BBP principles, and now the Executive VP wants me to help the other Directors get rid of the bullets.

    I’ve just been promoted to management at my company about a month ago, and you’ve helped me raise my profile immensely. Thanks!

  8. cliff says:

    Great story, Kathleen! Congrats, and stay in touch!

  9. Matt Turner says:

    I’m sure it was great, one not to be missed! But what.. oh..

    “Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1 and above is required to view the recording in Live Meeting replay format”

    And this is why products like Macromedia Breeze pee all over another, typical, proprietary Microsoft ‘solution’ .

  10. Joachim Hartman says:

    The link to the May 12 seminar doesn’t work.
    The ID or key is incorrect.

    • Cliff Atkinson says:

      Hi Joachim – that webinar was hosted by Microsoft LiveMeeting back in 2005, and it looks like their link has expired and is no longer viewable – we’ll remove it from the post…

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