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PPTminimizerPowerPoint files can turn into a monstrosity. Forget about emailing the big ones to someone. They also add bulge to a hard drive (or server). While you can do lots of tricks to shrink the files yourself, you and your organization may not have the luxury to do that. With many online services letting you share your presentations, they may not give you enough space to upload the ginormous file.

PPTminimizer cuts out much of the bulge in PowerPoint files as well as Word documents by 98%. It comes in two editions:

  • PPTminimizer 4.0: Compresses PowerPoint and Word files from 97 through 2007 (.pptx and .docx) editions by 98% and retains the original file format (it doesn’t convert it into a .zip file or other compression format). The software can run from a CD or USB flash drive without installing anything. It’s compatible with Vista and includes add-ins for Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Windows Explorer. A single license costs $39.95. Prices drop based on number of licenses.
  • PPTminimizer 4.0 Enterprise: This edition is for servers. Enterprise has all of the features in the standard and also automatically optimizes and replaces Word and PowerPoint files on local drives and networks. It comes with a search wizard for finding presentations and documents on the server. It retails for $1999 for one server.

PPTminimizerThe application doesn’t affect the visual quality of the documentation and its images. Corporations can benefit from an enterprise solution. One company using PPTminimizer on its server saved less than one year of storage space and experienced an average 81% file reduction rate.

Consider one employee sends a 50 MB┬ápresentation to 15 employees — often, this means 15 copies of the presentation hits the server in each of the employee’s email boxes. Often, those recipients of the original presentation will forward it to more employees adding more bulk to the server.

PPTminimizer comes with four compression levels:

  • Strong: For distributing files over the web or by email, but image quality sacrificed.
  • Standard: Best for showing files on a screen or other visual media.
  • Low: Best for printing, but larger file.
  • Custom: Define your own. Includes screen resolution, jpeg quality, and Word quality.

You can drag and drop multiple files into the program to optimize them in one sitting. To optimize a presentation, either open PowerPoint and use the Add-In or run PPTminimizer.

PPTminimizerI converted an 18 MB file using Strong and Standard compression options. The result was the same: 44% reduction to 10 MB. The graphics quality was the same between strong and the original file — so it’s possible program won’t sacrifice the visual graphics quality.

To optimize an opened presentation from within PowerPoint, just select Add-Ins and PPTminimizer appears in that menu. Some presentations see huge reductions while others see small ones. It all depends on the media and the quality. Those with smaller reductions tended to have optimized images.

You can download a free trial. If you like it, we have a 10% discount for you thanks to the folks at balesio.

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