Meet Cliff Atkinson

Maybe it was at the movies. Or while watching a commercial on TV. But one day it dawned on Cliff Atkinson that there was a big difference between those media and the typical slide presentation.

After all, movies don’t put all the words on the screen – they use pictures to tell a story. And television commercials – the good ones, anyway – don’t take forever to get to the point. Both tell a story visually with only enough narration to make that story clear.

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Cliff began writing about the topic and speaking at industry events. The board of directors of a major corporation saw one of his articles and invited him to help them use slides to communicate a new corporate strategy. The Microsoft people heard Cliff speak and asked him to write a book on using their software more effectively.

Cliff’s book, Beyond Bullet Points soon became a best-seller, and was named a Best Book of the Year by Its influence has been global, with translations in Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Czech and Hungarian.

The Beyond Bullet Points techniques made headlines when attorney Mark Lanier hired Cliff to help him use them to win a $253 million dollar lawsuit. This significant legal victory triggered articles in the New York Times, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

Since then, Cliff has worked directly with other top attorneys, CEOs, and key corporate executives. The United Nations International Criminal Tribunal flew him to The Hague to help them develop the opening statement for a major war crimes trial.

Cliff is in demand as a speaker and as a consultant. In his spare time he continues to write.

Despite his busy schedule, Cliff is determined to help as many people as possible enjoy the benefits of BBP.

Which is why we’ve launched the BBP website.

BBP in the Courtroom

There’s ample evidence that BBP can make an enormous difference in the outcome of a trial.

Prior to the Vioxx trial, no lawyer had used BBP techniques in a presentation to a jury.  Since that important win, many attorneys refuse to go into a courtroom without them.

As a result of his work with attorney Mark Lanier, Cliff has been in demand by the nation’s top law firms to help them communicate effectively and persuasively with juries.

Cliff is available to consult on a limited number of cases.  To see if he is available to work with you, please contact us here.

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If you want to improve the odds of landing a new piece of business or making that key sale, working with Cliff could make a crucial difference.

Cliff has worked with top executives at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Nokia, Sony, Toyota, Nestle, Intel, Microsoft and other corporations to help create successful presentations.

His availability is, however, limited. To find out if Cliff is available to work with you, please contact us here.

Have Cliff come to you

Bring better communications to your company by bringing in the man who invented BBP.

By the end of the day, your group will have the training it needs to deliver powerful PowerPoint presentations.

Cliff personally conducts each workshop, which can be held on-site or at an appropriate location. The optimum number of participants is 12-15 with a maximum of 20.

Only a limited number of workshops will be offered each year. To check Cliff’s availabilities, contact us here.

Cliff Speaks

As you might imagine, there are a great many requests for Cliff to speak to groups and his schedule permits only a few such appearances.

If you’d like to find out his availabilities, please contact us here.

Get an hour of Cliff’s time

If you’re working on a project and would like to book an hour of Cliff’s time, he’s here to help.

Just click on the button below, and we’ll set up an online meeting where you can both share computer screens while you discuss your story structure, storyboard or any other aspect of BBP.

For many, this $500 session paid for itself many times over when it saved time, effort or introduced a breakthrough idea in their presentations. (After your purchase, we’ll contact you to schedule the consulting session.)