May 12 Seminar Temporarily “Sold Out”

In case you recently couldn’t sign up for my upcoming free May 12 web seminar, it turns out the event "sold out" this weekend because we unexpectedly surpassed the maximum number of registrations for the event (2,500!).

The folks at LiveMeeting want to make sure that anyone who wants to attend can come, so they’ve graciously opened another conference room that can accommodate more people.  So if you were turned away, you can still register for the event at this link.

I’m thrilled by the great response – there must be a few people out there who are eager to move beyond PowerPoint-bashing and into a new world of clear and focused communication. 

By the way, since I’ll be talking about applying the Beyond Bullet Points approach during the seminar, I thought I’d put my storyboard where my mouth is. As I prepare my own presentation for the May 12 event, I’ve started a new "behind the scenes" discussion thread here where I’m posting the various documents I’m creating and am making comments along the way.

Sausage_1 Although they say you don’t want to know how laws and sausages are made, if you have the stomach you’re welcome to see how a bullet-free PowerPoint is crafted. Bon appetit!

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3 Responses to “May 12 Seminar Temporarily “Sold Out””

  1. jaldous says:

    Talking About Beyond Bullet Points

    Talking About Beyond Bullet Points on LiveMeeting

  2. John says:

    Hi Cliff, how are your preparations going?

  3. cliff says:

    Hi John – they’re going well – I’m planning to post more commentary about the preparations on the discussion board, after Thursday. See you at LiveMeeting!

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