Making the Journey to Better Graphics

How can you make a strong and coherent visual statement in your first five slides? ┬áIt’s a common approach today to add a different stock photograph to each slide, which is definitely a better approach than using bullet points. But often this approach can come across as disjointed because the images don’t share a common style or don’t relate to one another. What can you do?

Watch the recording of this weekly workshop recorded on May 22, 2009, and take a journey with BBP workshop subscriber Steve as we cover how you can:

  • Tell a visual story across your first five slides
  • Make your graphics job easier by using a single image as a background
  • Use simple graphic techniques to build on top of your story background
  • Create the foundation for a singular story that anchors the key points of the entire presentation

To launch the video in a new browser, click this link.

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