Looking for a few good BBP consultants

Wanted_1Lately I’ve been receiving more requests from companies and individuals who would like to hire consultants and/or designers who are proficient in the BBP approach. I’m in the process of putting together BBP training and certification programs, but in the meantime, I’m glad to make referrals if I can find a match.  Here’s an example of what a very large software and services company is looking for:

We need a BBP and PowerPoint presentation expert who can manage the creation and updating of PowerPoint presentations for an exciting technology company focused on TV delivery and technology. This person would be able to manage all aspects of production, use a marketing-mind to convey technical information in a clear, exciting way as well as hammer the marketing messages we want to get across to our various audiences. Marketing experience and technology experience (or at least communicating about technology) is a must!

Other requests for BBP consultants/designers include:

  • A fast-growing social networking technology company in Silicon Valley is looking for someone to help its sales team with solid BBP skills. 
  • A large non-profit organization who is looking for help with training presentations.
  • A wide range of individuals and groups who would like help with different types of presentations.

Interested in these sorts of opportunities?  Then I’d be glad to hear from you.

Since the BBP Story Template is the primary way of structuring ideas using the methodology, I’d like your responses to be in the BBP format so that I can get a sense of your familiarity and proficiency in the approach.  So to start, all that you need to send is a completed Story Template in a Word document that presents your case of why you would like to be referred to one of these organizations or individuals to help them apply the BBP approach to their presentations.

I’ll review the story templates based on the clarity of the stories and language, and if I see a match with what the groups are looking for, I’ll get back to you about sending some samples of PowerPoint files next.

Please send your Word documents here by July 24 – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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5 Responses to “Looking for a few good BBP consultants”

  1. Given that pretty much all I do is train people to make presentations, of course I’m interested! 🙂

    As I’m in the UK though, I’m not sure I’m going to be quite as useful to you as I might be.

    Still and all (as we say in the UK) I’m here if you need me: check out my presentations skills blog to see what you think of my style. To Curved Vision website might also be useful as might the website for our publicly available training in the UK (called Telling People).

    I have to admit that the Beyond Bullits approach really, REALLY appeals to me: my only concern is that it is sometimes rather difficult for complete presentation virgins to make the necessary leap from no-presentations to no-bullit presentations. In the past I have to confess that I’ve even almost encouraged people to do bullit-lead presentations for their first go, just to get one under their belt before trying to get them to do “good presentations”. Not always, just when it seemed like the right thing to do.

    Keep up the good work!


    Dr Simon Raybould

  2. While I really like the visual storytelling methods you espouse, after years of executive presentations I’m also a huge believer that a good presentation requires intimate knowledge of the subject matter.

    Hopefully you don’t have people coming to you looking for “good decks” to make up for a lack of ability to speak in a concise and compelling manner about whatever it may be that they are presenting.

  3. Hi Jonathan – Cliff might not, but I do. 🙁

    There seems to be a real reluctance in some people to engage with the need to deliver presentations: they seem to think that the presentation itself will do and that if they can get a good enough presentation (by which they actually mean the slideshow) they can have almost anyone deliver it.

    Obviously I almost always decline the work, referring them to the possibility of me giving them some presentation skills training instead – but usually they just flounce off in a huff! While I can console myself with the thought that I didn’t want to have to train that kind of person in the first place it still narks me (what a great UK phrase that is!) to think that this level of ‘arrogance’ still exists.


  4. Cliff,
    Your work has been very influential in education to support ideas of digital storytelling. I recently created an online version of a presentation I do and posted it here on youtube. Be grateful for any critiques.


  5. Lance Cooper says:

    Cliff …
    I might have some interest in certification. I have an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Speech and Theatre. And, I’ve worked with coaching sales teams and managers for over 20 years as a primary business.

    Lance Cooper

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