Let’s Get LinkedIn

Interested in finding new ways to connect with others who are practicing BBP?

Social networking tools are making it easier than ever to meet people who share common interests like ours. For example, BBP Online member Andrew Storrs just set up a new BBP special interest group at LinkedIn – a popular networking site with 20 million people around the world in 150 professions. 

If you’re not already a member of LinkedIn you can set up an account for free and create a profile that you share with other members according to your level of interest. 

Many people use LinkedIn to develop professional connections, to find new jobs or to hire people. As we explore the possibilities of a BBP community at LinkedIn, I’m sure we’ll find innovative ways to help one another to present ourselves and our ideas more effectively.

I hope to see you LinkedIn soon – to join me and Andrew now in the BBP group, just click on the button below: 

Join BBP group on LinkedIn

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  1. I have been using slideshare for the last year and a half. I like the ease of use and the ability to embed slideshows in my blog BetterECM.

    I have been using the BBP methodology for the last two years. Here are some of my BBP examples:

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