Let the Makeovers Begin

What will it look like when you transform your PowerPoint presentations beyond bullet points?  How will it feel when you’ve moved past reading text off of the screen and toward the much more engaging world of a persuasive story?

Bren Connelly volunteered to find out, by offering his current presentation to undergo a public makeover using the Beyond Bullet Points approach. Is it possible for Bren to spin boring bullets into golden nuggets of engagement? Can he turn common clip art into uncommon creative engagement?

Bren_3Stay tuned to Bren’s new makeover page to see his original file, and the new story template and storyboard as we develop them. Keep track of his folder in the new discussion board as we collaborate on the process step-by-step. And of course, feel free to offer your own comments as take our first step into the uncharted PowerPoint territory beyond bullets!

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  1. Let the Makeovers Begin

    Cliff Atkinson’s excellent Beyond Bullets blog is going to be doing a makeover of a tired PowerPoint presentation provided Bren Connelly of the equally excellent blog Slacker Manager.

    No word on when extreme presentation makeover will make the jump…

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