LA Times runs a feature Beyond Bullets

LaarticleThe LA Times ran a feature story about my work on the front page of the business section yesterday – you can download a PDF version here: Download LAtimes_Atkinson_PowerPoint.pdf .  I thought reporter Claire Hoffman did a great job – she interviewed some of the people who have been using the BBP approach, or who have attended a workshop or talk. It’s nice to see an article make it to print that promotes a positive spin on how PowerPoint can be used, rather than the same tired criticisms.  Hopefully this will help to spread the good word about what many of you are doing in your own organizations, and help to transform our PowerPoint cultures into something more concise, clear and meaningful.

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8 Responses to “LA Times runs a feature Beyond Bullets”

  1. Hi Cliff,

    Nice article.

    I was curious about the slide with the executive heads atop the bodies of the desperate housewives.

    The slide reminded me of the technique for creating meaningful visual metaphors — find contemporary elements that people are fascinated with and combine with other elements.

    Was this image artistically treated in any way — larger heads… ?


  2. Scott DeYager says:

    Hi Cliff,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the LA Times story. As “the PowerPoint guy” in our company, I’ve made it my mission to get away from the complex charts and repetitive bullet points that rule large corporations. I’d like to contact you at some point to possibly come out to our company as a guest speaker.

    I work with many speechwriters and executives that are finally starting to see the benefits of the simplistic presentation that supports the speech. I’m always looking for more ways to leverage my position as “the PowerPoint guy” to usher in a new culture that goes way beyond bullets.


  3. Cliff,

    Thought I should mention the Chicago Tribune printed the same article today. It is on the cover of the Tempo section. If you want me to send you my copy, just let me know.

    Michael B.

  4. Cliff says:

    Thanks guys! Steve, the heads were roughly the same size as the ones in the original graphic – they came from stills from deposition videos. Phil – great to hear that there are more of us out there, fighting the good fight, without bullets!

  5. Microsoft PowerPoint for trial lawyers

    Cliff Atkinson, a frequent contributor to the Work Essentials site, was the subject of a great write-up…

  6. Norman Wei says:


    I have been conducting environemntal regulations seminars for over 8 years. Just switched to the BPP approach several months ago and my clients loved it.

    How do I get copies of the presentations you did for Lanier at the Vioxx trial? Is that public record?



  7. Jeff says:


    I saw some initiatives in Tokio (Pecha Kucha) and The Netherlands ( to make presentations more fun.

    Any idea if this will work in the States?


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