Join Me for an Oct. 5 Online Workshop

If you’re interested in taking your storymaking or storyboarding skills to the next level, join me in an online workshop tomorrow, Oct. 5, at 9am PT or 5pm PT.

Storyboard_2 Based on the techniques described in my book, Beyond Bullet Points, the first workshop, Story Template 101, explores how to use the 3-act story template to define and refine your communications. The second workshop, The PowerPoint Storyboard, builds on the basics by exploring a range of visual techniques to apply to your storyboard.

Using the Microsoft Office LiveMeeting web seminar service, you’ll be able to view the materials in a browser while we discuss it by phone, and the sessions are recorded for you to view at a later date.  Workshops are $25 per person, and are limited to the first 12 people who enroll, in order to keep interaction levels high. If you can’t make it tomorrow, there will be more workshops coming up.

Learn more, or sign up through a web page here.

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  1. jbr says:

    Hey Cliff, was on the call today. Excellent presentation and very, very useful.

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