Join me for a LIVE Presentation Makeover at 9am Pacific on May 12!

Interested in seeing for yourself how you can transform your PowerPoint approach Beyond Bullet Points? I’m pleased to announce that the nice folks over at Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Live_meeting_logo300_3have invited me to present a free web seminar at 9am Pacific on May 12 via a web browser near you.

In one action-packed hour titled "Transform Your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points", I’ll show you how you can unlock the power of a persuasive story buried beneath all those the boring bullet points.

I’ll begin the session by quickly reviewing a typical bullet-laden presentation that we’ve all seen too many times before. Then I’ll apply the approach described in my new book to spin it into a new communication experience that balances the emotional power of visual storytelling with the focused clarity of logical reasoning.

In a single hour, you’ll see how you can write a presentation script based on a 3-act structure, transform it into a storyboard, and then bring it to life with clear visuals and your engaging delivery.

To register for the event, or read the full writeup, click here

Two publications that I frequently contribute to — MarketingProfs and Presenters University — are joining Microsoft Office LiveMeeting in co-sponsoring the event.

I hope you can join us!

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8 Responses to “Join me for a LIVE Presentation Makeover at 9am Pacific on May 12!”

  1. John says:

    This is a great opportunity to personally see you at work, Cliff. I have signed up instantly. Only thing is, I’m from The Netherlands (GMT+01.00) so 9.00 AM Pacific would be 01.00 AM here.. Will the meeting be recorded so I can view / download it afterwards?

  2. John says:

    Oh, and what about the audio? Do we really have to dial a number for that? Or will the audio also be available over the web?

  3. Andrej Budja says:

    John, 9 AM pacific would be 6 pm in GMT+1. Pacific is GMT-8.

    I have another problem with the registration form. My country, Slovenia is missing in the Country drop-down box. Also, the feedback link is not working for me…

  4. john says:

    Yes you’re right about the time. My mistake πŸ™‚
    Still wondering if it’s gonna be recorded though..

  5. cliff says:

    John – yes, it will be archived to view anytime after event, accessible from the “Event Archive” link at the top of the registration page. I’ll check on whether there’s a way to get audio over web.

    Andrei – I’ll pass on your comments about the missing drop-down selection and the feedback link.

    Hope you enjoy the LiveMeeting!

  6. Visual Being says:

    Live Presentation Makeover

    Cliff Atkinson, who oversaw the design of the popular ICIA Presentation Council’s Industry Infographic is hosting a web seminar on May 12 titled "Transform Your PowerPoint Beyond Bullet Points".I’ll begin the session by quickly reviewing …

  7. cliff says:

    An update for international callers – I got this reply from Carmen from the LiveMeeting team:


    We are not currently using VOIP although it is something we will have in the very near future. We do, however, have audio phone in lines for attendees who are outside of North America. There usually aren’t too many people asking for it so we usually address inquiries on a case by case basis. Our generic number for Intl callers is:

    Dial 1 503 295 8000 then 1 800 230 0350 PIN 3366

    However, I do know the other day someone from Mexico was not able to get in by following these numbers and so I sent him a Mexico specific number. This is what I will do for anyone who emails me and asks for a number specific to their country.

    We have about 60 different numbers so it is difficult to list each in on our confirmation email. If a registrant emails is at: then we send them a number.

    I hope that helps – let me know if you have any other questions!


  8. John says:

    Thanks, that’s helpful, although I guess I’ll go for the recorded version since it’s not really at a good time here πŸ™‚

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