Introducing The Backchannel

In the past, audiences would quietly sit in their chairs listening to a presenter, and politely wait until the end to ask questions. Those days are over with the arrival of the backchannel. 

Armed with laptops and smart phones, audiences today are talking about you before, during and after your presentations.  If their feedback is positive, the backchannel can enhance your information and connect people with one another. If the feedback is negative, the backchannel can disrupt or even derail your presentation.

Watch the 1-hour workshop that was recorded on Nov. 6, 2009, and you’ll learn:

– How you can join a backchannel.
– What you can do to engage your audience when they’re on Twitter.
– What to consider when you’re faced with a range of backchannel scenarios.

>>>To launch the recording of this workshop, click this link.

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