How to Get a $1 Million Budget Approved in 15 Minutes

What kind of results can you get when you use BBP for your most important presentations?

BBP Online member Marianne from Norway was amazed to get buy-in for a project from senior executives because of her BBP presentation, along with a likely $1 million budget to get it done.

Can you get results like Marianne from BBP?  Read her story below and see:


I discovered your web site a couple of weeks ago when I was finishing up a long term strategy for the web solution (b2b) I’m responsible for.

My biggest concern at the time, was that the executives (who were going to either approve or dismiss my proposed strategy) weren’t going to realize the big potential this web solution really has to become so much more than it is today.

I wanted them to realize the potential and make them commit to investing more money into it.

I watched your web seminars last week and then followed your “recipe” step by step.

Today was my big day. I had 20 minutes to make my statement. I finished my presentation in 15 minutes.

The response was amazing. They immediately connected and got involved. The strategy was approved on the spot. They even made other people wait so they could discuss this issue in details (my presentation was only a small part of a long Executive Management meeting, so other people were waiting for their turn).

The CEO committed, even without me asking directly, to providing the necessary funds and resources to reach my three main goals (may amount to about 1 million USD over the next 2 years).

Another member made this comment to my presentation: “I have two comments. Number one: Hallelujah! Number two: If you need any assistance from my department, we’re there for you all the way.”

So I just thought I would share this success story. Your concept works even all the way over in Norway, Europe! I guess good story telling is a universal concept. :o)

Thanks again for sharing your theories with us!


P.S. I might have to actually buy your book now to learn more. Should be fun!

I’m actually glad to hear Marianne was able to pick up BBP even without reading the book, because my goal for BBP Online is to provide a wide range of tools such as video to make it easier and faster for you to succeed with BBP. I’m sure that if Marianne gets the book, she’ll be able to unlock even more power from the approach when she creates her next big presentation.

As you apply BBP to your own presentations, please drop me a line like Marianne did, to let me know how it’s going!

(BBP Online members can access the five 1-hour Windows Media video recordings that Marianne used at this link.)

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