Hit a Presentation Homerun

What does it take to hit a presentation home run? Here’s an example of how we helped a forum member with his presentation. Does it spark ideas for yours?

The member needs to “sell” a partnership between his son’s school and a separate baseball association. They’re starting a baseball program at his son’s school, but the school doesn’t have any baseball fields.

So, the commissioner of a separate baseball association has agreed — in principle — to allow the school to use one of their fields. However, the member has to make his case to the baseball association’s Board of Directors to finalize the deal.

Here’s his first attempt to work through the BBP story template and it’s a great start.

Title: Association and School – A Winning Partnership

Setting: Youth Baseball is extremely popular in Cherokee County

Role: You manage baseball operations at Association.

Point A: You’re not sure if we are a good match

Point B: You’d like to know more so you can decide

Call to Action: Partner with us

Key point #1: School is starting a baseball program for middle school youths

Key point #2: Association possesses baseball fields

Key point #3: ???

Notes: Association will gain incremental revenue by allowing school to use the fields. Maybe they will gain an additional general sponsorship from AHA.

The Makeover

We suggested the member turn this single into a triple and even a homerun by making his key points the three most compelling reasons why Association should approve the deal, maybe something along these lines:

Title: Association and School – A Winning Partnership

Setting: We’ve had discussions about School possibly using an Association field

Role: You’re making a decision tonight about what to do

Point A: You may not be sure of the value of the deal to you

Point B: You’d like to make sure it’s in your best interest

Call to Action: Approve the deal to tap into three main benefits

The three main benefits are the three key points:

Key Point #1: You will earn money by allowing School to use the fields

Key Point #2: You will create a new relationship with potentially more opportunities

Key Point #3: You may gain an additional general sponsorship from School

Notice the key points changed from “facts” to “benefits.” The key points need to appeal to the person in the “Role.”

As for the motif to tie together baseball and school, the user could use the wording to create a checklist of the items of the deal and checking each one off when you reach the corresponding Key Point slide:

Key Point #1: Stack of dollar bills

Key Point #2: Handshake

Key Point #3: Billboard

And of course, a baseball theme would work with each Key Point integrating first, second and third bases.

Take me out to the ball game and hit a homerun with BBP.

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