Give a Voice to Your Presentations

Many online resources make it possible to share your presentations without being there. It can be through an online service like SlideBoom and SlideShare, through webinar tools like Gotomeeting and Webex, online tours through Demofuse, or combine audio with your presentation to create a podcast through services like Profcast.

You might consider using a voice talent in a webinar with your Beyond Bullet Points presentation. This way, you don’t have to worry about the presentation and focus on the attendees’ needs and questions.

Voice over PowerPoint also helps educators who create online courses that students watch or view on their own time. Though educators are usually comfortable speakers, they may have accents or don’t have the technology to produce high quality audio to accompany the presentation.

Beware that not all viewers have the ability to hear the presentation. You might consider providing the script — which you give to the voice over talent — with the presentation. You don’t have to worry about captions or subtitles, just attach the document or copy and paste its contents.

Voice over talent might be a good way to go if you repeatedly play a video at a trade show in your booth or in the company’s lobby. Or send the presentation to busy executives who rather watch a short presentation than read brochures and other documents.

One service called Voice123 ( lets you find voice over talent or offer up your voice for projects. According to their website, “Voice123 is a free online casting provider, voice marketplace, and the largest directory of voice talents and voice producers. 122,613 industry professionals & 2,062,005 auditions and proposals as of today.”

If you need a voice for your presentation, here’s what you do:

  1. Post a project.
  2. Voice123 Smart*Cast looks for voice over talent and voice producers to find a match to your requirements.
  3. Receive a handful of auditions and/or proposals to make a hiring decision.

Smart*Cast can look for the following for you:

  • Language.
  • Gender.
  • “Voice age.”
  • Purpose of recording.
  • Recording delivery method.
  • Union affiliations.
  • Keywords.
  • Timing of project.
  • Voice talent / producer rating history.
  • … and other factors.

View Voice123 price sheet. ( also offers this service and lists its plans. The service provides a user guide, a script collection, guidelines, and other guides in its user guides section. has 10,000 professionals available covering over 100 languages.

You can post a job with the following requirements:

  • Voice gender.
  • Language.
  • Deadline.
  • Budget range.

After you post the job, voice talent matching your requirements will receive an email from If they’re interested, they’ll email you. You can view responses by listening to MP3 demos and compare quotes.

Since the BBP approach discourages the use of lots of text on the slides, adding voice over to your PowerPoint lets you stick with the BBP approach without including a lot of text. Furthermore, you may or may not have the equipment to produce a high quality audio recording of your voice. Plus, media can easily increase a file size, and voice over talent companies may be able to help cut the file size, so your viewers don’t spend a lot of time downloading the presentation.

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