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The BBP approach will work most powerfully for you when you use a synchronized stream of images and narration to present yourself and your ideas.  But where in the world do you get the images?

The good news is that there are many websites that provide image resources, including stock photo websites, government image databases and photo sharing communities.

But the bad news is that it’s hard to manage all of these sites. I tend to use a few routinely, but forget about the rest  because they’re all tucked away in a folder in my browser’s Favorites section.  I also know there are many more resources that I don’t have on my list.

A web service called offers us the ability to post our favorite visual website bookmarks in a central place, which we can all share and expand upon together. You can view my current list of 36 sites that I exported from my browser’s Favorites folder and then imported into at this link.

When you create your own quick and free membership at, you can import your own favorite image website bookmarks from your browser by following the website’s import instructions. 

After you join, please add me to your network via this link, or by clicking on the button below  – my username is bbponline. That way when any of us in the network add links of great new image resources, we’ll all get notified.

I’m looking forward to building a very visual resource database with you!

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