Frequenty Asked Questions:

I am not able to find the forms that the book says are on the CD – can you help?

Before you begin installing the CD, be sure that your computer meets the system requirements as described on page xvii of the introduction to the book. Remove the CD from the jacket at the back of the book, place it… KEEP READING

I installed the CD from the 2007 edition of the book, but I can’t find the additional materials. Where are they?

The CD should have installed a new folder under My Documents that is titled Microsoft Press – check for the folder on your computer and you’ll find the book materials there.

I downloaded the Word and PowerPoint templates from the CD that came with the BBP 2007 book, but they don’t seem to work – what do I need to do?

The templates that come with the BBP 2007 book require Microsoft Office 2007 to use them. To download Office 2003 versions of the templates, visit:

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