Frequenty Asked Questions:

How do I use BBP tools on a Mac?

To download the Mac versions of BBP tools, please visit this link.

How do I contact someone at Beyond Bullet Points?

To contact us, please use this form:

What’s the best way to present data in my presentation?

Here are a few workshop videos that may be helpful: Creating a Data-Driven Presentation using BBP Part 1 Creating a Data-Driven Presentation using BBP Part 2 Structuring a Market Research Presentation

How can I search the entire BBP website for information?

There’s a Search box at the upper right corner of the Resources page at:

Should I prepare handouts for my presentation?

The BBP approach offers a wide range of options when it comes to handouts as described on pages 79 and 333 of the second edition of the BBP book.  Try the different options to see what works best for you… KEEP READING

How do I use the felt tip pen option in PowerPoint to write on slides?

The inking features are available when you are in Slide Show mode – just mouse over the lower left of the screen and you’ll see them. If you have a Tablet PC you can then use your stylus to write… KEEP READING

What export settings should be used when exporting my BBP MindManager template to PowerPoint?

Cliff did a video last year showing the steps and the settings he used with MindManager – you can view the workshop video here.

Where can I see examples of BBP presentations on my topic?

In chapter 9 of Beyond Bullet Points (2nd edition) you can find a range of examples, including: a case trial, a team project plan, a market research results presentation, a report presentation, a training class and a sales pitch. If… KEEP READING

How do I get my Notes Page view work? I can’t seem to see the slides only because the off-screen text box won’t go away.

It is likely that you are not in Notes Page view, but instead you may be in Normal view with the Notes pane visible. To see the Notes Page view of your slides, select View, Notes Page view.

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