Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I save a custom layout so I can reuse it in a different file?

The easiest way is to open your existing PowerPoint file with the new Key Point layout, delete the slides you have in there, Save As a new file, and start building a new presentation from the new file.

Where can I find BBP story templates online?

Please visit this link to view BBP story templates:

In Word 2007, how do I add ‘Send to PowerPoint’ to my Quick Access toolbar?

Click the Office button, then select Word Options, and in the Customize tab, select “Choose Commands from”. Choose “All Commands”, and when you scroll down the list , click “Send to Microsoft Office PowerPoint” then click “Add” to add the… KEEP READING

I downloaded the Word and PowerPoint templates from the CD that came with the BBP 2007 book, but they don’t seem to work – what do I need to do?

The templates that come with the BBP 2007 book require Microsoft Office 2007 to use them. To download Office 2003 versions of the templates, visit:

What are the rules for the BBP Discussion Forums?

The discussion forums are provided as a way for you to ask questions, seek opinions, offer advice, and in general connect with other subscribers. In order for the discussion forums to work, we ask that you follow these guidelines: Do… KEEP READING

What free resources are available on this site?

A list of resources is available at this page:

What is the BBP Privacy Policy?

At BBP Online we respect your privacy and will never provide details about you to anyone without your permission.

How do I use BBP tools on a Mac?

To download the Mac versions of BBP tools, please visit this link.

How do I contact someone at Beyond Bullet Points?

To contact us, please use this form:

What’s the best way to present data in my presentation?

Here are a few workshop videos that may be helpful: Creating a Data-Driven Presentation using BBP Part 1 Creating a Data-Driven Presentation using BBP Part 2 Structuring a Market Research Presentation