Download Chapter 1 of my new book, “Beyond Bullet Points”

In the competition for most efficient online retailer, gets my vote because they’re the first to ship my book.  Not only that, but Barnes & Noble editor Bill Camarda wrote a very nice review there as well.

Bookcover_1, on the other hand, comes in a distant second, since they haven’t posted the book cover image yet, let alone start shipping

I still like Amazon, though, and will post a note when they start shipping, so let’s call today the "soft" launch of the book. It will still be a couple of weeks before copies of the book find their way through the book distribution network to your local offline Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore.

In any case, if can’t wait to start moving Beyond Bullet Points, you can download a PDF of Chapter 1 here, along with the Table of Contents and Introduction. Hopefully the downloads will whet your appetite for more tasty morsels of bullet-free communication.

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  1. says:

    Required Reading for Anyone who Stands in Front of a Crowd

    Cliff Atikinson, author of Beyond Bullets blog, has published his book, “Beyond Bullet Points” and offers the Introduction, Table of Contents and Chapter 1 for download. Most excellent.

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