Download a Special Edition of my May 12 Presentation

If you’d like a special copy of the presentation I gave on May 12 at Microsoft Office LiveMeeting, you can download it from this new seminar resource page.  (There are lots of other goodies there, including a special offer on the Add-In for seminar attendees.)

Pdf_2 In keeping with my own advice to "send your notes pages not your slides", the download is a PDF version of the Notes Page view of selected slides of the presentation. 

One of the main ideas underlying the BBP approach is that any slide (or frame) that you show during a presentation is presented in the context of your verbal narration. This verbal explanation you also write down in the offscreen notes area in Notes Page view.  Without the context of either the Notes Pages or the verbal narration, the slides simply don’t (and shouldn’t) make sense.

In the notes area of the PDF version of the presentation, I’ve written the gist of what I said at that point in the presentation, and I also included the interesting results of the polls we took at the beginning of the seminar. 

The 14 slides I chose for the PDF correspond with the "5-minute version" of my story template, which you can also download from the resource page along with my basic storyboard.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I created the animation "builds" in the PowerPoint file, I describe what I did in this discussion board thread.

Thanks again for attending last week, and please stay in touch as you move Beyond Bullet Points!

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4 Responses to “Download a Special Edition of my May 12 Presentation”

  1. Hi Cliff: Thanks for the excellent book. I am moving to your way of thinking and beginning to see the results. In particular the idea of sending the notes, not the slides. Here is a comment I got back from a presentation that I made the other day:

    “Thank you so much for forwarding this – knowing you were going to send out this information helped enormously with being able to listen as opposed to take notes! Your notes section per slide are simply the most thoughtful thing I’ve seen from a conference and as a Product Manager, I’ve been to a lot of conferences across a lot of types of industries. My hat is off to you.”

    Don’t worry I told her to buy the book!

    Thanks again.

  2. steve says:

    Cliff, I bought your book and looked at your PDF but I could not figure out how you managed to add images and formatted text to your notes pages, could you explain please

  3. cliff says:

    Wow, great feedback, Freddie! You’ve made my day :o)

  4. cliff says:

    Hi Steve – I put more info on the discussion board at this link:

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