Download a New BBP Storyboard Tool

If you’re looking for an easier and faster way to format your BBP story template, Alexis Brouard has created a couple of new tools that will make your life easier.

The free version of his BBP Toolbox is an Add-In for Microsoft Word 2007 that will take care of reformatting your story template so you can manually import it into PowerPoint.

The paid version of the BBP Toolbox is an Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 that:

  • Imports your unformatted story template from Word
  • Applies custom layouts to the new slides according to their location in the story template
  • Allows you to scale to time from 45 to 15 to 5 minute versions of your presentation at only the click of a button.

You can take a tour of the BBP Toolbox tools at this website.  Alexis joined me for a member webinar last week to demonstrate the tool – you can view the video here.

If you try out the tool let me know how it goes!

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One Response to “Download a New BBP Storyboard Tool”

  1. BBP is definitely a break-through. Pity i did not come across the book earlier. Looked at the ToolBox, and (after trying out the free version) immediately bought the full version. Both together (PBB + box) are just a superb tool to help building a presentation top-down. Used it today for first time with a client, great success.
    Alexis had been very helpful (and FAST!) in answering a few questions and discovering the guide … Hence I only now watched the webinar (too late for the discount …) which was a good round-up.
    Congratulations to both of you!

    Happy Easter from Vienna / Austria

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