Creating Clearer “How-to” Presentations

How can you create a clearer “how-to” presentation?

In this weekly workshop video recorded on Mar. 13, 2009, we looked at creating and improving two very different presentations that both explain how to do something:

Part 1: How to develop a simple structure for a training presentation. During the first 22 minutes of the video, I worked with Susan from the Red Cross on how to get the point across with limited time for software training, exploring how to:

  • Create an engaging structure for training
  • Map out a longer course format
  • Brainstorm metaphors

Part 2:  How to fine-tune a good ‘how-to” presentation.  During the last half of video, I worked with Bob on his topic of resolving conflict between people & organizations, developing a basic intro to the process to entice people to want to learn more. We cover how to:

  • Fine tune an already solid structure
  • Develop movement across storyboard frames
  • Unlock more power from existing images

>>>To launch the workshop video, click this link.

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