Coming attractions

Greetings!  If you’ve been patiently waiting for signs of life from the Beyond Bullets blog, an explanation (excuse?) is in order:

During 2006, a tremendously fast-growing interest in the Beyond Bullet Points approach put me on the road with an extensive travel schedule, keeping me busy leading workshops for organizations and developing presentations for legal trials.

2007The hectic schedule has had two sides to it:  On the one hand, the travel has helped me to put BBP through rigorous road testing across an incredible variety of professions, purposes and audiences, which has refined the approach and inspired exciting innovations. On the other hand, my schedule has kept me from writing on a regular basis, publishing newsletters, replying to a large backlog of emails and posts, and developing new BBP products and services.

In the new year, I’ve decided to spend more time on the latter.  Here are some of the upcoming major initiatives that I have planned:

  1. Launching Beyond Bullet Points Online, a membership-based website with a BBP training course, downloads and live online seminars with me (Spring 2007).
  2. Thoroughly revising the Beyond Bullet Points book, which will include 100 additional pages plus a new CD packed with new techniques, tools, and examples of presentations (Summer 2007).
  3. Hosting my first BBP public seminar here in Los Angeles (Fall 2007).

Thanks for being patient, and I’ll keep you posted as events unfold!

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One Response to “Coming attractions”

  1. Kirsty Hannam says:

    I’ve just ordered your book from (hopefully it’ll be waiting at home for me today!)

    I see you’re adding to the book in a few months – will this new edition be available at a discounted price for those who have recently purchased Beyond Bullet Points?

    Sorry to seem cheeky but I always seem to miss the boat with books and software, and I’ve no sooner bought it than a newer, better version is released!

    Many thanks,

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