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How to Create a Data-Driven Presentation Using BBP

Can you create a “data-driven” presentation using BBP?  Yes you can, but it takes a shift in thinking about the way the human mind learns, and the purpose of an in-person presentation. During this 1-hour webinar video recorded on March… KEEP READING

How to Turn Data Into Stories

When all you have is data, how do you craft a story that will help your audience understand, engage and adopt your ideas?   Watch the video of this weekly workshop recorded on April 9, 2010, and you’ll see how… KEEP READING

How to Add Simple Images to Make an Emotional Impact

Even when you have numbers and data to present, you still need to make an emotional connection with your audience in order to persuade them to go along with your ideas.   Watch this 1-hour video recorded on Mar. 31,… KEEP READING

Proposing Budget Cuts to a Board

It’s always tough to deliver bad news, especially when it comes to budget cuts. But there’s a way to get right to the point, and pave the way for conversation. For an example, watch the 1-hour video of this weekly… KEEP READING

Creating a Technical Product Presentation

No matter how technical your product – or your topic – you still have to get your points across in clear language that makes sense to your audience.  But pulling out the story is not always easy – and often… KEEP READING

Creating Clearer “How-to” Presentations

How can you create a clearer “how-to” presentation? In this weekly workshop video recorded on Mar. 13, 2009, we looked at creating and improving two very different presentations that both explain how to do something: Part 1: How to develop a simple… KEEP READING

Tackling Technical Topics with BBP

It may seem straightforward to use BBP for easy subjects, but what about when your topic turns technical? Can BBP still do the heavy lifting that it takes to structure and present difficult concepts? These questions have been popping up… KEEP READING

A Blueprint for Creating a Training Presentation

Making a training session compelling can be a challenge, but Christine found a blueprint that worked for her trainees at this recent workshop recorded on Feb. 6, 2009. Watch this 1-hour video and you’ll learn how to: Apply the BBP… KEEP READING

Part 2: Creating a Data-Driven Presentation using BBP

The last workshop on creating a data-driven presentation was so popular, we continued the conversation with a Part 2. In the video recording of this 1-hour workshop, we’ll continue to explore the fundamental reasons why BBP is appropriate for data-driven information, and… KEEP READING

Part 1: Creating a Data-Driven Presentation using BBP

Can you create a “data-driven” presentation using BBP?  Yes you can, but it takes a shift in thinking about the way the human mind learns, and the purpose of an in-person presentation. Watch the recording of this 1-hour workshop and you’ll learn the… KEEP READING