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The BBP Basics – Writing Act II

If you’re new to BBP or just looking for a refresher, watch the video of this workshop recorded on Sept. 5, 2008 as we walk through the steps of writing Act II of the BBP story template. Act II distills… KEEP READING

How to Shift Your Audience’s Thinking From “Zoom” to “Wide Angle”

What do you do when your audience sees a topic one way, and you want to help them look at the same topic another way? That’s the challenge that university administrator and BBP Online member Bob faced recently during this Aug. 14, 2008… KEEP READING

How to Use Mindmapping to Create Your BBP Presentation

There are many effective tools you can use these days to help you organize your ideas and think in a more visual way. One of the most popular is mindmapping software, which is a perfect fit for BBP and can… KEEP READING