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How to Use BBP Templates to Create Your Presentations Faster

A big problem arises when you apply ordinary PowerPoint templates to every slide in your presentation – instead of visual variety and a clear story, you get tedium that visually bores your audience.  Break out of the ordinary and learn… KEEP READING

What do BBP and the Avatar movie have in common?

At the core of any story, including Hollywood films, are elements you can use to make your own presentations more effective. Watch the recording of this BBP weekly workshop recorded April 16, 2010, and you’ll learn: – How stories are… KEEP READING

Selecting a Metaphor for Your Storyboard

What do you do when you have a solid story, but are struggling to find a strong theme to tie it all together?   Watch the recording of this 1-hour webinar recorded on March 10, 2010, as we work with… KEEP READING

Making a Good Story Template Even Better

When you first learn about the BBP Story Template, it may appear that the process of writing a story is easy – just add a few words to the template and you have a story, right? It’s possible that you… KEEP READING

Improving a First-Time BBP Presentation

It can be hard work to create your first BBP presentation, but if you’re like BBP member Ralph, the effort paid off when you received good feedback from your audience. So now what?  How can you improve your skills and… KEEP READING

Case Study: Applying BBP from Story Template to Storyboard

Looking for a good example of how to apply BBP to a presentation from a blank sheet of paper all the way through to a storyboard? Watch this 1-hour video recorded July 17, 2009, as we walk through the steps… KEEP READING

Simplify Your Story, Simplify Your Graphics

When you simplify your story, you can simplify your graphics. That’s just one thing you’ll learn from this weekly workshop recorded July 2, 2009, in which we worked with BBP subscriber Susan to fine-tune a presentation she recently presented to… KEEP READING

Using BBP to Structure a Multi-Day Training Course

Interested in learning how to use BBP for education and training over longer time periods? Watch the video of this weekly workshop recorded on June 11, 2009, and observe how BBP Online subscriber David from New Zealand used BBP to… KEEP READING

How to Make Your Visual Metaphor Sing

BBP member Jonathan wanted to make his presentation much more interesting, engaging and fun than the typical bullet point approach.  In this weekly workshop recorded on Feb. 13, 2009, Jonathan shares the compelling metaphor he chose for his audience, and… KEEP READING

How to Improve Your Story Structure

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the BBP approach, you have in place a basic story structure that makes it easier for your audience to digest and remember information. But what can you do to take the first draft of… KEEP READING