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How to Help Others Move Beyond Bullet Points

If you’re aiming to help your boss, your team, your students or anyone else to find their clear and compelling story, how can you use BBP to help?  During this 1-hour video recorded on May 25th, 2011, you’ll learn: Introduce the… KEEP READING

Developing the BBP 101 Online Course, Part 2

Would you like to help us make sure the new BBP 101 online course is as good as possible?   During this weekly BBP workshop recorded June 25, 2010, you’ll get a sneak preview of where we are so far,… KEEP READING

Help Us Develop the BBP 101 Online Course

Over the years we’ve gotten many requests to create an online course that teaches the Beyond Bullet Points methodology, and we’re happy to say that we now have the project underway.   If you’re interested in helping us make sure… KEEP READING

How to Transform an Entire Company Beyond Bullet Points

If you work within a corporation, or consult for one, introducing and using BBP can be a way to deliver big value and institute change. Watch the video of an online conversation with my special guests Alberto & Eduardo, two… KEEP READING

Fine-tuning the new BBP introductory PowerPoint

In this BBP Weekly Workshop recorded July 10, 2009, we discussed the draft of a new BBP introductory presentation, and got feedback from participants on how to make it better. Watch the video of the 1-hour session and you’ll: –… KEEP READING

Lessons Learned from Presentation Camp

What’s it like when an audience completely runs the show?  We recently found out when we held a successful PresentationCamp LA on June 20, 2009 – a self-organized, un-conference where participants from all over the world met in the morning,… KEEP READING

How to Help Others with BBP

Once you know the basics of BBP, how can you help others to write their story templates and create their storyboards? Watch the video of this brainstorming workshop recorded on October 31, and you’ll hear a range of ideas and… KEEP READING

Discussing BBP Certification Plans

What are your preferences for getting certified in the BBP approach? There has been strong interest, discussion and debate among BBP Online members about different options for getting certified – to review the discussions, click here. Watch the video recording of… KEEP READING