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Craft Your Story Faster with the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad

Sometimes you don’t have much time to put your presentation together, and you need a quick way to structure what you’re going to say. Next time, try the BBP Storyboard Sketchpad as an abbreviated story template. ¬†Watch this 1-hour video… KEEP READING

How to Use BBP Templates to Create Your Presentations Faster

A big problem arises when you apply ordinary PowerPoint templates to every slide in your presentation – instead of visual variety and a clear story, you get tedium that visually bores your audience.¬† Break out of the ordinary and learn… KEEP READING

Creating a Video from a BBP Presentation

After you’ve gone through the effort of creating a BBP presentation, you probably want to make it as widely available as possible on the Internet. These days, software tools such as Camtasia, Brainshark, SlideShare and Adobe Presenter can help you… KEEP READING

How to Transform an Entire Company Beyond Bullet Points

If you work within a corporation, or consult for one, introducing and using BBP can be a way to deliver big value and institute change. Watch the video of an online conversation with my special guests Alberto & Eduardo, two… KEEP READING

Using Social Media to Market Webinars and Excite Audiences

Join Cliff on Thursday February 25th at 12:15-1pm PST / 2:15pm-3pm CST during the AMA’s FREE Virtual Conference: When you use social media to market your webinars, you can open up a whole new world of opportunity to conduct audience… KEEP READING

Consulting with BBP in a Corporate Context – Part 2

How can you effectively introduce and manage the introduction of BBP at your organization? You can learn from the practical experience of someone who has been there, as you watch the recording of Part 2 of this conversation recorded on… KEEP READING

Consulting with BBP in a Corporate Context

If you work within a corporation, or consult for one, introducing and using BBP can be a way to deliver big value. But it can also present new challenges. Someone who has had the experience firsthand is Diane, who works… KEEP READING

The Backchannel: A Presenter’s Nightmare or a Dream Come True?

Ready or not, the backchannel has arrived! Armed with laptops and smartphones, audiences are no longer sitting quietly while speakers are talking — instead they’re using Twitter and other tools to create a backchannel where they chat with one another,… KEEP READING

Top Tools for Engaging the Backchannel

Audiences are transforming their relationships with speakers by using new technologies to communicate with one another during live presentations. Watch this video recorded Jan. 5, 2010 with special guest Timo Elliott as we explore the “must have” tools you… KEEP READING

“The Backchannel 101” Workshop – plus Cliff’s new book now available

Watch this weekly workshop recorded December 4th, 2009 where Cliff introduces his new book titled The Backchannel: How Audiences Are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever. The book explores the huge impact that Twitter is having on… KEEP READING