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How to Move Beyond Stock Photography

In the first wave of presentation improvement, we moved beyond bullet points toward a more photographic approach.  But now many presentations look like they are on stock photography overload, with one photo appearing after another like a slide carousel, with… KEEP READING

How to Add Simple Images to Make an Emotional Impact

Even when you have numbers and data to present, you still need to make an emotional connection with your audience in order to persuade them to go along with your ideas.   Watch this 1-hour video recorded on Mar. 31,… KEEP READING

How to Make Your Story Graphics Big & Chunky

Q: How can you tell you have a BBP storyboard? A: When you look at your presentation in Slide Sorter view, you can clearly see the big and chunky graphics that illustrate the top-level of your story. You’ll learn how… KEEP READING

Improving a First-Time BBP Presentation

It can be hard work to create your first BBP presentation, but if you’re like BBP member Ralph, the effort paid off when you received good feedback from your audience. So now what?  How can you improve your skills and… KEEP READING

Learn how to Sketch! With special guest Austin Kleon

One of the most useful skills you can learn in our visual age is how to turn your abstract ideas into concrete images. And for most of us, the biggest obstacle that stands in our way is “…but I can’t… KEEP READING

Finding the Graphics for a Keynote Presentation

Once you’ve written a clear and compelling story for your keynote presentation, how do you turn your words into engaging images? Watch the video of our workshop recorded Sept. 18, 2009 as we turned the story template we began last… KEEP READING

Throwing Out a Presentation Lifejacket for your Visuals

Sometimes if you’re looking for good graphics for your presentation, it can seem like you’re drowning in a sea of choices. To save your presentation sanity, grab a lifejacket in the form of a singular visual metaphor that you can… KEEP READING

Making the Journey to Better Graphics

How can you make a strong and coherent visual statement in your first five slides?  It’s a common approach today to add a different stock photograph to each slide, which is definitely a better approach than using bullet points. But… KEEP READING

Get Great Graphics on a $60 Budget!

How can you get great graphics for a BBP presentation when you’re on a tight budget? Watch BBP member Jonathan West share his secrets in this video of a weekly workshop recorded April 24, 2009, and you’ll learn: What a… KEEP READING

How to Create Graphics for Your First Five Slides

Once you’ve got a solid story structure in place, how do you begin to find the graphics to illustrate your storyboard? We tackled this issue at a workshop recorded on March 27, 2009, where we worked with BBP Online member… KEEP READING