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Using a Classic Structure for a Marketing Presentation

When you’re pressed for time, you can always tap into the power of the classics. That’s what Halisi did when she was preparing for a quick turnaround presentation for a group of small business owners. In a 1-hour presentation coming… KEEP READING

How to Leave Your Prospects Wanting More

How do you pitch your idea or company in a way that intrigues your audience and leaves them wanting more? Watch the recording of this BBP Weekly Workshop recorded Aug. 13, 2009, as we worked with Jeff and Tiffany on… KEEP READING

How to Pitch Your Idea, Service or Client

How can you use BBP to make your idea, service or client even more persuasive? Watch this 1-hour video recorded July 24, 2009 as we work with Stacey to help her present her client to music industry executives and you’ll… KEEP READING

How to Present Your Recommendations

How can you use BBP to craft a presentation where you’ve done analysis and you’d like to make recommendations? In the video of this workshop recorded on April 10, 2009, we worked with BBP member Brian to walk the “tight… KEEP READING

Structuring a Market Research Presentation

Having a tough time applying BBP to your topic?  Looking for some advice or inspiration? Watch the recording of this workshop from July 25, 2008 to see how the story played out for a marketer at a major consumer goods company. In this video,… KEEP READING