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Overcoming Objections to a Training Program

When you train people on new procedures, you’ll often meet resistance because people are used to doing things a certain way.  Janice faced that situation as she prepared a training session to teach nurses on a UNICEF and World Health… KEEP READING

Using BBP to Structure a Multi-Day Training Course

Interested in learning how to use BBP for education and training over longer time periods? Watch the video of this weekly workshop recorded on June 11, 2009, and observe how BBP Online subscriber David from New Zealand used BBP to… KEEP READING

Using BBP for Education and Training

Interested in learning how to use BBP for education and training? Watch the video of this workshop recorded on May 8, 2009, and learn: General theory and techniques for structuring presentations for teaching a topic A specific example of motivating… KEEP READING

Motivating a Team to Learn a New Topic

It can be tough to motivate an audience inside of your organization to learn something new.  Everybody is busy, and learning a new topic is just one more item in a busy schedule. Watch the video of this workshop recorded… KEEP READING

BBP for K-12 Teachers

Are you a K-12 teacher, or would you generally like to learn more about how to apply BBP to help students learn a new topic? Watch this video recorded on July 11, 2008, and learn how you can use BBP to structure… KEEP READING

Planning an Online Training Course with BBP

If you’re in charge of training other people using online tools, the BBP approach can be an effective way to design and plan the experience. Watch the recording of this LIVE 1-hour workshop and you’ll see how I’m personally using… KEEP READING