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Speaking from Presence: How to Let Go of Notes and Speak from the Heart

Most speaking methods teach you to prepare your story in advance and then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.  But what would happen if you threw away your notes and spoke naturally from your knowledge, convictions and passion?  You just might surprise yourself… KEEP READING

Fine-tuning Your Story Template

If you’ve got a solid story template in place, how do you take it to the next level? Watch the 1-hour video of this BBP Weekly Workshop as we work with Susan on her presentation on a healthcare-related topic. As… KEEP READING

What do BBP and the Avatar movie have in common?

At the core of any story, including Hollywood films, are elements you can use to make your own presentations more effective. Watch the recording of this BBP weekly workshop recorded April 16, 2010, and you’ll learn: – How stories are… KEEP READING

How to Make Your Story Graphics Big & Chunky

Q: How can you tell you have a BBP storyboard? A: When you look at your presentation in Slide Sorter view, you can clearly see the big and chunky graphics that illustrate the top-level of your story. You’ll learn how… KEEP READING

Fine-tuning the Top-Level Framework for a Course

When you teach a course, the BBP approach offers you a way to orient and engage learners.   Watch the recording of this 1-hour workshop conducted with BBP member Sam on March 3, 2010, as we created the top-level structure… KEEP READING

Making a Good Story Template Even Better

When you first learn about the BBP Story Template, it may appear that the process of writing a story is easy – just add a few words to the template and you have a story, right? It’s possible that you… KEEP READING

Improving a First-Time BBP Presentation

It can be hard work to create your first BBP presentation, but if you’re like BBP member Ralph, the effort paid off when you received good feedback from your audience. So now what?  How can you improve your skills and… KEEP READING

Finding the Graphics for a Keynote Presentation

Once you’ve written a clear and compelling story for your keynote presentation, how do you turn your words into engaging images? Watch the video of our workshop recorded Sept. 18, 2009 as we turned the story template we began last… KEEP READING

Writing the Story for a Keynote Presentation

When you have to give a keynote presentation, all eyes are on you from Slide 1 as you aim to captivate an audience and set the tone for a convention or event. So how do you create a PowerPoint presentation… KEEP READING

How to Build an Even Better Storyboard

If you’ve  already created a BBP presentation and would like to improve your storyboard and graphics, watch this 1-hour weekly workshop recorded July 31, 2009, as we worked with Carolyn on her presentation designed to teach leadership skills. Launch the… KEEP READING